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1040 North Ridge Avenue
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Phone: (630) 627-9650
Fax: (630) 627-9655


Quality is the foundation upon which Chemi-Flex has earned its reputation.  Our quality assurance laboratory conducts in depth chemical analysis of all compounds and physical testing of all reinforcing cords prior to their use to ensure your products meet our rigorous standards.

In order to provide consistent quality you can rely on, Chemi-Flex tests and retests all of our products at every step in the manufacturing process.

Our thorough testing procedures include several engineering standards for:

  • Center distance
  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Cord TPI and twist
  • Elongation and break strength
  • Chemical Cure

Additionally, our use of statistical process control (SPC) continually monitors process capability and product integrity.  With quality protocols, we can track each manufacturing lot for cosmetic standards, length, thickness, width and special geometric specifications.