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1040 North Ridge Avenue
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Phone: (630) 627-9650
Fax: (630) 627-9655


Chemi-Flex offers a full range of standard molds in both metric and English pitches. Furthermore, we will be happy to work with you to develop a specialized mold, designed to suit the needs of your application. For more information on designing a new mold, please visit the Contact Us section of this webpage.

Please click below to view mold lists for each type of profile available and to review basic design information for each profile to help you in designing the urethane timing belt best suited for your application:

Metric Pitch Molds

  • Trapezoidal Timing Belts (T2.5, T5, T10)
  • Modified Curvilinear Timing Belts (S1M, S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M)
  • Curvilinear Timing Belts (H3M, H5M, H8M)

English Pitch Molds

  • T80 (MXL) Pitch Timing Belts
  • T81 (40DP) Pitch Timing Belts
  • XL Pitch Timing Belts
  • L Pitch Timing Belts
  • H Pitch Timing Belts
  • T50 Pitch Timing Belts
  • T83 Pitch Timing Belts